Blue Light Blocking Screen Protectors






Blocks 100% of Hazardous UV Light and Reduces HEV Blue Light up to 100%

Overall avg of 45% Blue Light reduction between 380nm~495nm for wide range protection



Laboratory Comparison Test

High Energy Visible Light - Blue Light

EYES PC™ Blue Light Protector vs Without Blue Light Protector



Light Transmittance Graph


Light that is visible to the human eye is referred to as visible light and is comprised of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Invisible light, such as ultraviolet light (UV) with a wavelength between 0nm-400nm, is undetectable to the human eye and is a very high energy wave that can damage the eye. Visible Blue light has proven to be harmful to the eyes because it also possesses high energy and is the closest to ultraviolet light, with a wavelength between 380nm-490nm.

The interval of this wavelength exhibits colors between blue and green, and causes blue light hazard on the retina. The primary source of blue light is from computer screens. In contemporary times, humans frequently stress their eyes by staring at the computer or reading at close ranges for long periods of time, resulting in eye fatigue, blurry vision, myopia progression, dry eyes, and sore eyes. Exposures to blue light may result in eye damage, possibly causing macular degeneration.

As a response to abundant blue light in our lives from lighting and computer screens, we recommend the use of filter lenses to reduce eye fatigue and avoid damage caused by the Blue Light Hazard.

Average blue light reduction of 45% is based spectral analysis chart below.

Light Transmittance Graph


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